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How Sound Changes With Crowd Size

Event organizers are always interested in understanding how crowd size affects sound quality. Such individuals want sufficient information on the diffraction of sound and how they can exploit this aspect to achieve maximum output. However, without some clear information on how crowd size affects the sound, it’s essential to indicate that most individuals will struggle […]

Don’t Let Bad Acoustics for a Live Event Ruin It

If you’re getting ready to host a live event, you’re most likely thinking of everything you can improve to make it better. However, you might be overlooking the acoustics. Lousy acoustics can ruin a live event faster than any other problem you can imagine. Here’s some information about acoustics, why they’re essential, and what you […]

How Acoustics Work in an Event Space

You will need to consider a multitude of details to pull off your event successfully. Acoustics, unfortunately, are one detail that often gets overlooked. Discovering terrible acoustics during your event could be disastrous. Don’t let this happen to you. You need to understand how music in event spaces works so that you can properly plan. […]

The Relationship Between Overtones and Harmonics

In music, there are many unfamiliar terms that individuals may come across. Usually, it’s a challenge to come up with a clear understanding of the actual meaning of these terms if you don’t have sufficient background in music, events, and public activities. In this blog, you’ll learn some important terms in music and how they […]

How To Tell the Difference Between Amateur and Professional Sound Quality

Professional sound quality is an important aspect that can be challenging to achieve. That’s why hiring professionals for events is worth it. A professional audio company can help you distinguish between amateur and professional sound quality. 1. Audio Quality Making sure that the audio quality is on point is one of the most important things you […]