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Ways Acoustics Can Make an Event Successful or a Failure

If you are running, hosting, or managing an event and plan on having live music, then the event acoustics are a big factor to consider. How big? The difference between good and not-so-good acoustics for your venue can determine the results of your event. Here is a look at acoustics as it relates to a […]

The Science Behind Stage Acoustics

What is the science behind stage acoustics? Sound acoustics at live events have been an essential factor in the quality of the experience since the days of the Greek theatres. In modern times, arenas and stadiums are designed with sound quality. The science of sound acoustics has evolved to help designers create venues that provide […]

Don’t Let Bad Acoustics for a Live Event Ruin It

If you’re getting ready to host a live event, you’re most likely thinking of everything you can improve to make it better. However, you might be overlooking the acoustics. Lousy acoustics can ruin a live event faster than any other problem you can imagine. Here’s some information about acoustics, why they’re essential, and what you […]