Live Venue Acoustics

More than the ambiance or how well the bar list is curated, show venues should pay attention to their live venue acoustics. It’s not just a simple matter of having the right equipment and a fancy production booth to deliver a great experience. Without proper acoustics, the venue will fail the musician or performer. Whether it’s […]

What Is Sound Design?

Many people have heard the term, but what is sound design exactly? How does sound design work, what is it used for, and how is it applied? These are a few of the many questions that may arise when explaining or describing sound design. Do you remember the last great movie you watched? What about […]

Music Festivals and Social Inclusion

Music festivals are a time to be happy, to enjoy music, and to enjoy the world around you. For those with disabilities and other problems, attending and enjoying these festivals can be difficult. That being said, more and more music festivals are seeking ways to incorporate inclusion at events for all patrons. How Music Festivals […]

The Science Behind Stage Acoustics

What is the science behind stage acoustics? Sound acoustics at live events have been an essential factor in the quality of the experience since the days of the Greek theatres. In modern times, arenas and stadiums are designed with sound quality. The science of sound acoustics has evolved to help designers create venues that provide […]

How Sound Changes With Crowd Size

Event organizers are always interested in understanding how crowd size affects sound quality. Such individuals want sufficient information on the diffraction of sound and how they can exploit this aspect to achieve maximum output. However, without some clear information on how crowd size affects the sound, it’s essential to indicate that most individuals will struggle […]