How Acoustics Work in an Event Space

You will need to consider a multitude of details to pull off your event successfully. Acoustics, unfortunately, are one detail that often gets overlooked. Discovering terrible acoustics during your event could be disastrous. Don’t let this happen to you. You need to understand how music in event spaces works so that you can properly plan.

This guide will help you understand what makes music sound better in an event space and provide important tips to ensure that the music and acoustics of your event space work well with the type of event you are planning.


The walls of the space are a crucial factor that determines how music will sound as well as how any other amplification will sound. All walls are not created equal. In an event space, you will have air walls, hard walls, glass walls, and even other types. Each type of wall will have a different impact on the sound in that space.

Air walls are moveable and provide semi-acoustical insulation. They work as dividers if the space needs separation.

You should be aware that air walls provide the least amount of sound insulation. If another event is sharing the event space at the same time, noise will bleed over from one side to the other.


The ceilings of the area will also have a huge impact on the sound. Metal, concrete and tile can also create issues. Sound will bounce off of these surfaces, making it difficult to control volume and direct sound. This can also create an echo. This can sometimes be corrected by adding carpet or acoustic panels to absorb sound and will cut out echoes.


Decorations that are in the area can also affect sound. You will want to pinpoint any décor that might cause acoustic issues beforehand. This way, you will be able to remove these items in a timely manner before the event.

You can also use décor to make the sound better. Most notably, carpets can be added. Adding carpets can decrease echo and help amplification sound smoother.

Trial Run

The best way to determine the acoustics and sound of an event area is to plan a trial run. If you can, set up the sound equipment and run a sound test. Also, keep in mind that sound will also seem different when the event space is filled with people.