How To Set Up a Stage Sound System

There’s nothing like a fun festival, but it requires tons of work. So if you are in charge of sound, you have prep to do. If you’re looking into setting up sound systems for festivals, you’ll want to make sure the equipment is capable of providing premium audio quality, among other things. Let’s review how to set up this type of system.

Get the Best Speakers

Look for speakers that have a clear, crisp sound and high wattage power. Make sure the speakers are loud enough to cover the entire field or outdoor area of your festival. Review the size of the venue before selecting speakers.

Connect the Right Cables

For sound to travel from your board and into your speakers, check that the right cables are connected correctly. This will involve multiple cables, including XLR and TRS cables. Double-check all of your connections before you start playing any music to make sure each cable is in the right place.

Set Up the Stage

The way you set up your stage can have a big impact on the sound quality. Make sure the stage is elevated so that sound is projected outward and not blocked by anything in its path. This will also make it easier for your audience to hear you clearly from any angle.

Adjust the Volume

Carefully adjust the sound to a comfortable level for your audience and for yourself. Be mindful of how loud you’re setting it, as this can cause hearing damage if it is too loud. Protect yourself by wearing earplugs and setting the sound at a reasonable level.

Mixing the Audio

Now start mixing the audio from all different sources. This can include vocals, instruments, and any other sound sources you are using. Be patient, as it may take some time.

Testing the System

Make sure all the audio sources are still connected, the volume is still set correctly, and all of your cables are firmly in place. After testing it out a few times, you should be ready to go with a great-sounding system that will make your festival an unforgettable experience!

Making sound best at festivals may seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and planning, you’ll get it right. Get the right equipment and connect everything properly. Before you know it, you’ll be bobbing your head to some jams on stage!